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Family-Owned Farm

Hello, we are Jeremy and Lauren Schenk, owners of Harmony Ridge Farm in the township of North Harmony, NY; minutes away from Chautauqua Lake. Our family moved back to the area in fall 2020, amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the global pandemic, and we have been blessed to find a little peace and sense of stability on our diversified farm. We have 4 children who each help out and get involved in different ways, but all of whom are loving the farm life.


The goal of the farm is to raise happy, healthy animals in a regenerative agricultural model - using rotational grazing techniques to move animals through a pasture, spending only a short time in each place, and allowing that area to fully recover before coming back to graze again. Not only is this good for the animals, having access to fresh grass and browse on a regular basis, but it's also best for the soil and the land we are stewarding. Rebuilding soil health through active animal management results in more topsoil, less run-off, more carbon capture and healthier grasses to feed the animals in the next season.

Our diversified farm currently supports beef cattle, dual-purpose cows, meat goats, layer hens and coming soon - pigs. The goats have been ideal to clear out the brushy, wooded areas and eat up a lot of our unwanted poison ivy. The small herd of mixed cattle breeds have been making a difference on the pastures, including several leased pastures on surrounding properties. The layer hens have allowed our son to start his own small egg business, while also providing delicious food for the family.

God has blessed us with so much, our family, our health, and a chance to responsibly steward a small piece of His creation. We hope to continue to grow our farm and our regenerative practices, adding new animals and techniques as we learn and grow.

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