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Current Products

Goat Meat (Chevron)


100% forage fed goat meat (no grain), sold as whole goats either live or butchered.

$12/lb hanging weight.

$200 deposit due at time of ordering.

We currently have 4 whole goats available, 2 butcher slots are scheduled for July and 2 for October.

Standards and Practices

Our Kiko goats spend their days in the open air, grazing pastures and woods in familiar settings. The goat kids grow up with their mothers within the protective herd, learning to choose from diverse forages. Male goats are available uncastrated. We do not administer any antibiotics. By focusing on proactive animal health through providing many forage options along with free choice sea salt and minerals, we prevent many diseases from attacking the herd.

Hanging Weight

Our whole goat meat is sold based on its “hanging weight”. Hanging weight is defined as the carcass weight minus the head, hide and entrails. Male goats average 60-70 lbs live weight at 6 months of age with a hanging weight of 25-35 lbs, ~50% of the live weight.  During the cutting process some of the bone is removed, therefore, the final amount of meat you receive will differ from the hanging weight. You can expect to receive between 60-65% of the hanging weight as cut, wrapped meat. 

Butchering Process

We are using a custom exempt butcher located in Girard, PA. Our butcher will cut and package your goat according to your specifications. After slaughter, the meat is hung to chill for 24 hours, then cut and wrapped to your specifications, then frozen for safe transport. Generally, one goat will fill one standard sized cooler. Goat meat can be picked up from our farm or delivered within a reasonable distance (~20 miles).

Please contact the farm with any questions!

EGGS pasture raised ASHVILLE, NY
pasture rasied hens
pasture raised egg hen coop tractor

Egg Subscriptions

Jacob's Flock of laying hens produces eggs all year round. Sign up for a dozen or more eggs, either weekly or bi-weekly, and pick up on the farm or get delivered to your doorstep anywhere within a reasonable distance (~20 miles). Contact us to setup pick-up or delivery day, location and amount.


$5/dozen, additional delivery charge may apply


Jacob raises Dominiques, Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds and other assorted breeds. Always cage-free, the hens are free to forage in the yard, field or gardens and are fed organic grain and kitchen scraps. The moveable chicken tractor is rotated regularly for easy access to new grass. Eggs have a dark yellow yolk and are so full of flavor, you'll taste the farm fresh difference!

IMG_8596 crop.jpg

Pasture-Raised Chicken

Our chickens are raised on pasture, rotated twice daily and fed only organic grain.  Pick-up fresh on butcher day (July 29th) or frozen anytime after.


$5/lb butchered weight, 8-12 lb chickens

Layer Hens for Sale

Jacob's Flock has several first year layer hens for sale. Raised from chicks here on our farm, these ladies started laying in July 2022 and produce medium sized light brown eggs. Contact us for more information, price is negotiable.


hens for sale
hens for sale

Goats for Sale

Harmony Ridge supports a small herd of Kiko goats. We currently have a limited number for sale.  Goat kids have been arriving since February '23 and not all are listed for sale below. Please contact us for current does and kids for sale. We are often able to offer starter herd packages as well.

Kiko's are a hardy breed, originally from New Zealand they are able to thrive in outdoor conditions year-round in Western New York.  They also grow well on a grain free diet of forage and hay and can birth without assistance. We provide our herd with simple 3-sided shelters out in the field and woods to block the majority of the wind and blowing snow in the coldest months.



Kiko, Buck, White

Born 3/19/21

Registered AKGA

Sire: San Sonny's Tasman Tricks

Dam: PJM Copyright, Austinboy D26


Legolas is a 2 year old herd sire with good body condition and an easy, quiet disposition. Calm around children and friendly with other goats and guardian dogs, trained to electric fence.

Katrina and Legolas together would make a good breeding pair.



Kiko, Buckling, Brown

Born 2/6/23

Registerable KKR

Dam: Harmony Ridge Lyla


Gimli was born this winter on our farm and has been pasture-raised on forage and hay his entire life. He's trained to electric fence. He has an energetic personality as a young buckling, is fully weaned and ready for a new home. Good around children and friendly with other goats and guardian dogs.

Dam - Harmony Ridge Lyla


Dam - Harmony Ridge


Vanellope (& baby Ralph)

Kiko, Doe, Black and White

Born 6/2/22

Registerable KKR

Dam: Harmony Ridge Squizzie

Kiko, Buckling, White

Born 6/2/23

Registerable KKR

Dam: Harmony Ridge Vanellope

$800 for the pair

Vanellope was part of our first set of goats born here on our farm and has been pasture-raised on forage and hay her entire life. She became a mama this spring and gave birth to a healthy baby boy on 6/2/23, at 1 year old. Her milk production is sufficient to support the baby and we are not supplementing with milk replacer. She's trained to electric fence, good around children and friendly with other goats and guardian dogs.

Would prefer to sell Vanellope and baby as a pair, or ready to sell individually after weaning (~late August)



Kiko, Doe, Black

Born: 2/15/21 

Registerable AKG




Katrina is a black with white markings, 2 year old doe. She gave birth to her first set of twins in February '23 (2 doelings). She birthed without assistance and was an attentive mother.  Her milk production was fair on just forage and hay, she would benefit from additional nutrients at the end of pregnancy and while nursing.

Trained to electric fence and good around children and guardian dogs. Katrina and Legolas together would make a good breeding pair.


Testing will be done to confirm she is bred before sale.


Dam - Harmony Ridge



Kiko, Weather, Black and White

Born 5/2/23

Dam: Harmony Ridge Raven


Thorn was born this spring on our farm and has been pasture-raised on forage and hay his entire life. He's trained to electric fence. Being sold as a weather for future meat or companion to other goats. Good around children and friendly with other goats and guardian dogs.

Fully weaned and ready for sale August '23.

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